George Eastman.
Paul Nadar, Place de l'Opera, Paris, 1890.
Kodak snapshot, 1890.
Albumen silver print.
Collection George Eastman House, Rochester.

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The First Snapshots: At Home and Abroad
is the third in the collaborative series organized by ICP and the George Eastman House, Rochester. It offers a sampling of original Kodak snapshots from the 1880s and 1890s. Chosen from the collections of the two museums, these photographs provide an informal self-portrait of American families in everyday domestic settings and on world travels. Such images recall the moment when photography, until then a difficult and time-consuming process, became a universally accessible pastime. will present new resources in three areas:

  • Exhibitions
  • Collections
  • Education
Only the FIRST SNAPSHOTS exhibition is available at present. The next components of will be online after January 18, 2002.