TIMES SQUARE - early Tuesday morning, August, 1945
There was Dancing in the Streets of New York, May, 1945
UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER OF THE WEHRMACHT, Although Still Unofficial, was the cue for a bunch of youngsters to carry over their celebrating far into the evening on Times Square. They brought along their musical instruments, sat on cars and set a solid number bouncing down the WHITE WAY. 2 sailors caught the mood, and to the delight of bobby soxers who beat time with their hands, danced a modern, victory version of "THE SIDEWALKS OF NEW YORK." PM Photo by Weegee

Photographic images 1994, International Center of Photography, New York, Bequest of Wilma Wilcox.
Text 1997 International Center of Photography, from Weegee's World by Miles Barth, A Bulfinch Press Book, Little, Brown and Company. All rights reserved.