CHIM: A web biography of David Seymour  

Web Biography Analysis

The University of Maryland at College Park

 Alice C. Han
 Dr. Ben Shneiderman

This web biography for David Seymour was created for an Independent Study course at the University of Maryland at College Park completed December 1998. The purpose of this project was to analyze current biographical websites' strategies and critique them to improve the techniques used. Then, by using these strategies, an effective web biography was created. The paper describes the strategy evaluation as well as the process of creating this website.

Thanks to Eileen Shneiderman for her help and permissions to use the images from the David Seymour Estate and to Cornell Capa for permission to use his and Robert Capa's photos. We appreciate the cooperation of Ed Earle and the International Center of Photography in hosting this web biography at their web site.

This website was created by Alice Han, under the direction of Ben Shneiderman.


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