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Rio Segre, Aragón front, near Fraga, Spain, November 7, 1938
This is one of the three rolls in the suitcase of the Battle of Rio Segre, one of the last Republican victories. On the night of November 6, 1938, in an effort to divert the Nationalists from crossing the Ebro at Moro, and taking control of Catalonia, the Republicans launched an offensive across the Segre River, a tributary of the Ebro some thirty miles northwest of Mora. Under cover of darkness, 15,000 Republican troops crossed the Segre in small boats and pontoon bridges. From there they pushed northwestward toward Fraga, and caught the enemy completely by surprise.

Capa crossed the Segre with Republican troops two hours before dawn. He stayed with them throughout the heroic triumph, making some of his most dramatic frontline battle images. His photographs were published in multiple magazines and more completely than any previous story. That first day was, however, the only victorious one. By November 16, the Nationalists had forced the last of the Republican troops from the west banks of the Ebro and Segre, and began to prepare for their offensive to conquer Catalonia and its capital Barcelona.

The 51 images here are from three different rolls of film. There is a break between image 136 and 141, and again between 142 and 143.

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